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Tuesday 23 July 2024




In 2019, the Gouffre de Padirac celebrated the 130th anniversary of its discovery. To mark the occasion, it teamed up with Clos Triguedina for a unique winemaking experiment: the ageing of a special cuvée of Probus 103 meters underground for a year, at a constant 13° and 98% humidity. Since then, the experiment has been repeated every year, to the delight of wine lovers and connoisseurs of exceptional products.


On June 7, the 4th Cuvée des 130 ans Gouffre de Padirac x Clos Triguedina - Famille Baldès emerged from the underground galleries following a year's ageing at 103m below ground in exceptional conditions: constant 13° and 98% humidity.

After a comparative tasting by our teams with Sabine and Jean-Luc Baldès, we can confirm that the wine feels right at home in the Gouffre: its aromas have really gained in subtlety during its stay at the center of the Earth!

You'll find this special numbered cuvée de Probus in the Gouffre boutique, on its E-boutique and at our partner Clos Triguedina.

Lovers of wine and unusual experiences will be able to taste this cuvée 103 metres underground during special VIP "130 Years Cuvée Tasting" tours of the Gouffre de Padirac, at the foot of the incredible Grand Dôme chamber. An exceptional private visit (subject to availability, as this is a limited edition).




Les équipes du Gouffre de Padirac aux côtés de Sabine et Jean-Luc Baldès au Clos Triguedina le 7 juin dernier

 The Gouffre de Padirac teams with Sabine and Jean-Luc Baldès at Clos Triguedina on June 7, visiting to taste the 4th Cuvée des 130 ans.