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Monday 09 December 2019


The only easter egg hunt

at the centre of the earth!

Sunday 1 April 2018
Dedicated to budding explorers and to little gourmets aged 4 to 12, the Easter egg hunt 103 metres underground is not to be missed! Several hundred eggs are just waiting to be found and tasted during the visit...

Last year, nearly 4,000 visitors, including 800 little gourmets, came to admire the shaft, underground galleries, and majestic chambers of the Gouffre de Padirac, with each one setting off to find delicious chocolates made by Bovetti.

Don’t wait – come and join us on 1 April for an Easter Sunday out of the ordinary!

About Bovetti chocolates

In the heart of Périgord, at Terrasson-Lavilledieu (Dordogne department), Valter Bovetti, master chocolatier, gives free rein to his creativity. An artist-artisan who is a lover of original creations and of quality, he boosts his taste for organic and ethical matters by blending respect for the environment and the work producers. Along those lines, he has launched several ethical ranges: organic, fair-trade, and free from palm oil.
Bovetti Chocolates are made from chocolate using pure cocoa butter, with no added vegetable fat or soya lecithin. The quality of original Bovetti creations is exported to over 37 countries.


Sunday 1 April 2018
The event will run from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. - included in the tour ticket (no surcharge).