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Your Questions

ls there a long wait?

We try to reduce the waiting time as much as possible.

To this end, visits depart continuously throughout the day. However, to reduce your wait during the high season, we recommend:

- Coming before 10 in the morning or after 17
- Booking your visit directly on this site.

is it possible to visit the Gouffre de Padirac without reservation?

The Gouffre de Padirac is always accessible without reservation.
However, to reduce your wait during the high season, we recommend booking your visit directly on this site.

is it the same price with the elevator?

Absolutely. As mentioned on the "Offers and Rates", page, the visit includes:

- the descent into the Gouffre by elevator or via the stairs (according to preference)
- the boat trip on the underground river
- as well as the walking guided tour

how to book tickets?

The reservation for the individual is not mandatory, however, it allows the ticket "queuing" valid for selected dates and times. Booking tickets "Skip the Line" is only available through our Online Ticketing, Before your visit (at least one day before the desired date, subject to availability).
Groups, schools, and small groups receive preferential rates. Booking is required on booking (groups / scolaires) or by email:

Do you have special rates for groups or students?

Yes. Students and their chaperones can plan their visit on our "School groups page".
Groups also receive special offers. Check it out here.

Are holiday vouchers accepted?

Absolutely, holiday vouchers (ANCV) are accepted at the Gouffre de Padirac (without giving change) only when local purchase your entrance tickets.

Are there special rates for people with disabilities...?

Yes. The tariff "Preferred" is offered to disabled people on presentation of an official disability card valid.
it is the same for the FFS dismissed upon presentation of an official license valid.
See page « Offers and Rates ».

Thank you to note that our site visit is today unsuitable for physically disabled. For more information, inquire here.

is the tour available for those with difficulty walking or pregnant women?

We can not assess the particular health conditions of our visitors. Nevertheless, here are some details that will help you determine if this visit is suited to your physical abilities:

The tour consists of 568 steps (only a portion can be performed by lift) is 2.2 km round trip, and is between 75 and 103 meters underground. The rooms are large, the large ceiling, but the circuit is somewhat athletic.

Once the tour boat carried about 500 meters, the tour continues on foot (flat and steps). Before the last series of steps, it is proposed to visitors to turn back and wait for the rest of the group to the pier, on benches provided for this purpose.

Be sure to go at least fifty steps.

is the parking lot paying? is there a parking lot for the disabled people?

Our parking areas located close to the Pavilion Home, are free and accessible to visitors.
Several parking spaces reserved for the disabled people are situated nearby immediate.

is there a parking area for Camper?

No, no adapted infrastructure is available on the municipality of Padirac.
However, a fitted out area is situated to Alvignac, to 7 km of the Gouffre de Padirac.

Nevertheless, the campers are tolerated on our car parks (without water supply or drain). inquire here.

To enhance your stay in motorhome, visit (Lot Camping Association).

i have a very young child, is it possible to make the visit with a stroller?

The site is not accessible in stroller.

However, you can easily make the visit with your baby by using a baby sling.

Remember to cover your child, the temperature is constant at 13 C °. We also advise our visitors to bring shoes suitable for a visit in wet conditions.

Are pets allowed? ls there a kennel?

For hygienic and conservation reasons, pets are not allowed during the visit.
The following kennels are located around Padirac:

Domaine des bois
ZA de Puybrun 46130 PUYBRUN
05 65 38 48 22 - 06 88 09 98 91
Distance : 7.60 km

Quatre pattes Palace
Lieu-dit « Le Pouillou » 46600 MONTVALENT
05 65 37 40 57 – 06 81 34 60 75
Distance : 10.41 km

Chenil du Causse
Laborde – route de Figeac 46320 LlVERNON
05 65 40 51 43 - 06 70 35 04 83

Are there deposits?

We are saddened not to be able to propose you of self-service deposits, in particular to guarantee the on-site security measures.

We thus recommend you to arm yourself with special equipment to secure helmets on motorcycles, and leave your cumbersome bags or strollers in your vehicles (Be careful, parking lots are not watched, and your vehicles and what they contain stay under your responsibility).

is it possible to take photos during the visit?

Photos and movies are tolerated without flash during the free visit, that is during your descent, and it is true up to the landing stage.
They are then forbidden during the guided tour (in boat and on foot) for safety reasons and of protection of the environment.

So, the " perches for selfies " are strictly forbidden on all of the site for safety reasons.

What happens during the visit?

After a steep 103-meter descent by elevator or by foot for the more adventurous, you will embark on the underground river for a boat trip along the majestic tunnels.

Then you will discover the Grande Pendeloque, a giant 60-meter-high stalactite that seems to hang by a thread, admiring its own reflection in the Lac de la Pluie.

You will drop anchor and continue by foot to the Lac des Gours and the Grand Dôme chamber with 94-meter-high vault, where you will truly realize the richness of the Gouffre de Padirac.

The entire visit duration is about 1 hour and a half long from the reception.

Are there guided tours in other languages?

On reservation for the groups, guided tours can be organized in foreign languages (subjected to feasibility). in the landing stage, index forms of Help to the Visit are also available on request.

The "VlP Visits" is proposed on reservation and assure the availability of a privative guide in foreign language for a support favored on all of the route of visit since the Reception hall.
inquire with the Sales Department.

Can we visit the entire Gouffre de Padirac?

The visit lasts for about 1 hour 30 minutes across a course of over 2 km, including 500 meters by boat. Yet this represents only a small part of the vast network of tunnels in the Gouffre de Padirac.

For further information on this topic, see "The Hidden Face of the Gouffre ".

Where can we find more information on the Gouffre de Padirac?

You can consult our page « About Us » to find articles appeared on the Gouffre de Padirac, or consult the site Padiracotheque to consult or download free of charge more than 125 years of history through exceptional archive documents.

if you wish to get yourselves movies or books on the Gouffre de Padirac and its History, the Shop-bookshop, in the Reception is on site at your disposal or on our Online Shop.

is there more to see in the surrounding area?

Aside from Padirac, Quercy is culturally rich. The beauty of its natural landscapes makes a stay in Lot unforgettable.
Check out webpage "Around the site" to access other tourist attractions of the region.

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