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Each year, visitors of all ages are dazzled by this cathedral of treasures sculpted by water and earth over millennia.
The Gouffre de Padirac offers a unique adventure for children.
Accompanied by a guide, they will discover the wonders of geology and the history of the formation of the Gouffre, as well as stalactites, concretions and other candelabras that compose it.

In connection with school programs, several themes can be illustrated by the Gouffre de Padirac visit:

  • - The study of the water cycle
  • - The understanding of a karst system
  • - The fauna and flora: biodiversity, adaptation of living beings to different environments
  • - History of science, reflection on the evolution of societies
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Special children and student group rates 2017

  • CHILD (+ 12 yrs) : € 9.50 (Instead of € 12.50)
  • CHILD (from 4 to 12 years) : € 7.50 (Instead of € 9.00)

One free chaperon for every 10 children.

Access and parking
The drivers will follow the signs to park the bus in the parking provided for this purpose. Then, the group leader will present himself at the OFFICE GROUPS, close to the bus parking.

Enjoy the children and student group rates !
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